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The Civilian Conservation Corps did a lot of great work in South Dakota between 1933 and 1942. If you have information about men or projects, please contact the CCC Museum of South Dakota.
A Solid Foundation
You can be part of this important project. . . . . more
We Need You!
We need your talent at the museum. . . . . more
Unidentified CCC Men
All of the men have been identified except for two. . . . . more
Acts of Excellence
Building a culture of excellence in South Dakota, one act at a time. . . . . more
2018 Olde Tyme Christmas
The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota entered 1935 GMC CCC truck in parade. . . . . more
Goens Family Donates Truck
The GMC truck that Allen Goens restored will be a significant part of the museum and the Black Hills . . . . more
History Exploration
Attendees will gather background knowledge by exploring a variety of historical and primary source r . . . . more
SDPB - Images Of The Past
Thank you, Brian Gevik, for your time and interest in the Civilian Conservation Corps in the Black H . . . . more
CCC in Black Hills National Forests
Useful work that will be of benefit not only for the present, but also in the future. . . . . more
A Day with Jay
Having a man that was in the Civilian Conservation Corps as your guide when looking for CCC camps is . . . . more
At the Museum
There 's been a lot of activity at the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota . . . . . more
Museum Open House, 2018
Civilian Conservation Corps Museum Open House June 16, 2018 . . . . more
My Father's Yearbook
Yes! This would be appreciated at the visitor center- CCC Museum of South Dakota. . . . . more
Educators Visit Museum
This TIE led group will visit several area locations where the CCC made a difference. . . . . more
Open Year Round
The CCC Museum of South Dakota is open year round. . . . . more
Come for a great time and support the museum. . . . . more
Nemo's Boxelder CCC
Located on the site of one of the organizational camps constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp . . . . more
Art Returns Home
New Deal Era Art Returns Home to South Dakota Black Hills . . . . more
Hospital Notes
During the icy weather the axe and pick are very dangerous tools. . . . . more
They Came From Kansas
Ninety-three men from Kansas detrained Easter Sunday morning. . . . . more
4 Uncles in CCC
Four of her uncles served in the CCC in South Dakota. . . . . more
Ripples Christmas
A Camp Christmas - menu and more . . . . more
Lasting Gifts of CCC
The Lasting Gifts of the Civilian Conservation Corps are all around us. . . . . more
CCC, DAR, Penny Pines
Seeing the tool used to plant penny pines was a real bonus. . . . . more
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