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Category: Event  Date: 2021-08-23

FDR at Mount Rushmore

Dedication of Jefferson's Head on Mount Rushmore in August 1936. President Roosevelt (bald headed, seated in car), Gutzun Borglum (standing). CCs from Company 1793 at Camp SP-1 (Pine Creek) set up the Microphones, Pulled Ropes to Remove Flag, and Manned Parking Details. They Had Done Much to Develop the Original Tourist Facilities.

The caption refers to company 1793 as being at Pine Creek however other references indicate that the company had been moved to Camp Lodge in April.

FDR at Mount Rushmore 1936

The photo above from the Lyle Derscheid book titled THE CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS IN SOUTH DAKOTA 1933-1942.

Organized June 12, 1933, Company 1793 was at Camp SP-1 (Pine Creek) for three summers and two winters. On April 27, 1936, Company 1793 was transferred to Camp SP-4 (Lodge) where it remained until it was demobilized July 30, 1942.

Leo V. Williams
"In April 1936 Camp SP-1 was closed and our company moved to Camp SP-4 (Lodge). In August 1936 President Roosevelt made a visit to Mt. Rushmore and dedicated the face of Jefferson. A huge American flag was draped over the face mounted on ropes pulleys and on signal was pulled to one side revealing the face. I was honored to be one of three CCC enrollees to place the microphones in front of F.D.R. and then step back ten paces and stand at attention while the speech was made. We then stepped forward to retrieve the mikes at which time he shook our hands and remarked how nice we appeared and said 'A job well done'".

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FDR at Jefferson dedication at Mount Rushmore