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Category: Event  Date: 2021-08-06

KNBN at CCC Museum

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota has had lots of visitors. We also get many inquiries from the website, and various social media platforms.

It was a pleasure to have Anya Mueller from KNBN Rapid City along with photographer Dave Kidd stop by. We talked about the many projects that the "CCC Boys" had done in the Black Hills and around the country. Many photos and tools are on display along with printed materials and Ms. Mueller found her grandfather's name among others listed in the roster of men who served.

Camp newspapers, employee records, books and articles are being digitized and printed for review by museum visitors. A roster of enrollees containing some 20,000+ names of the approximately 31,000 that served in South Dakota has been printed. The roster is updated as new names are discovered.

Thank you KNBN, Anya Mueller and Dave Kidd for visiting the CCC Museum of South Dakota. We invite you and everyone to stop by anytime.

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Anya Mueller and Dave Kidd from KNBN Rapid City visited the CCC Museum