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Category: Camp-News  Date: 2015-06-22

Army Personnel Changes

Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company CommanderNorman R. Smith, Company Commander
photo after Mr. Smith retired, not from The Echo

The Roubaix Echo, May, 1941, reports Army Personnel Changes, transfers, "Side Camp Sputters" and HOOEY-FOOEY by "Pepper" Berndt. This volume has been reproduced from the originally donated to the CCC Museum of South Dakota by Dean J Talty.

Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this month. He is to report to the Coast Artillery at Fort Warden, Washington, on the twenty Seventh of this month. He took his annual leave beginning May fourteenth, before leaving for Washington. He intended to visit a few days at his home in Elkhart, Kansas, and from there he is to report to Fort Riley, Kansas, for his Physical examination. From Fort Riley, Lt. Smith will go to his post at Fort Warden, Washington.

While Lieutenant Smith, is on leave, Mr. Edwin N. Thorsby, Subaltern, is in Command. Mr. Thorsby was formerly of Park Creek CCC Camp, where he was Senior Leader for five years. Before being Senior Leader he was also Company Clerk and Supply Steward. Mr. Thorsby is the Company Commander until May twenty seven, after which is not known.

safety on the job

From the looks of things the Dispensary is due for a busy month. There have been 29 patients in the hospital so far this month, plus the Many More that didn't need hospitalization. No serious injuries have been reported as yet.

We lost three patients to the Station Hospital at Fort Meade. They are: "Rocky" Stoller, Frank Jackson, And Robert Siler. At present there are three patients in the hospital, They are: Ace Smalley, Curtis Williams, and Turnie Jackson.

Last but not least: When Doctor Rudoy calls you "Harry", Don't mind that because everyone is Harry, even yours truly!

The following from "Pepper" Berndt's "HOOEY-FOOEY" column. Our substitute F. S. stooge, Blacky (Tilford for short), kind of went through the mill Saturday night, it seems. We haven't room to give all the dope here, but see Blacky for further particulars.

You can view a pdfPDF reproduction of The Roubaix Echo, May, 1941.

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Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this month.