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Este Ripples January 1942

Coming into barracks late the other evening, we saw the Ol' Timer groping around under his bunk in the dark.
"What goes on?" we asked. "Looking for my chewing gum", he replied.
"Do you mean you're going to all that trouble just for a piece of gum?"
"Why not?" he asked, "My teeth are in it."

The company Scotchman asked central how much it would cost to phone to a Minnesota town. She replied $1.50.
That's terrible, "said our friend, "Why, in Chicago I can phone to Hell and back for 50¢".
"Yes", says the gal, "I know you can, but that's in the city limits."

The camp newspaper from Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Este has been reproduced and is part of the reading materials at the CCC Museum of South Dakota.

The Este Ripples January 1942
The Este Ripples January 1942
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