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Category: Event  Date: 2017-06-12

CC Pie

On June 12, 2017 Ned Olson from Seattle, WA and sons Isaac and Caleb spent time at the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota. While reviewing the printed roster of CCC workers, Ned found his father Harlan and two uncles, Myron and Orris.

Ned, Isaac, Caleb OlsonCaleb and Isaac Olson with their father Ned.

Harlan S. Olson from Lake Preston, SD was with Company 2748 at Camp Pactola in 1938. Harlan Olson's brother Myron Olson was with Company 1791 at Camp Custer in 1935. Orris J. Olson was with Company 793 at Camp Hill City in 1934.

Ned shared that his father often spoke of CC Pie. It consisted of a piece of bread covered with brown sugar and drenched with milk. Cream instead of milk was even better.

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Cream instead of milk was even better.