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Category: History  Date: 2015-06-22

CCC Camps in 1933

Table 1. Camps Established and Companies Assembled in 1933 (1934).
All the camps were located in a national forest or on state-owed land, and the initials F for those in the forests and S for those on state land were used in camp designation numbers.
F-2Horse Creek791Hill City
F-9Hill City793Hill City
F-10Rockerville1794Rapid City
F-14Lightning Creek1783V*Custer
F-15Tigerville765*Hill City
F-16Oreville766*Hill City
S-1Pine Creek1793Keystone
SE-207Farm Island796*Pierre
HdqtrsFt Meade
Lake Kampeska1784VWatertown
* Enrollees from North Dakota
** Enrollees from Nebraska
Derschied, Lyle A. "The Civilian Conservation Corps in South Dakota, 1933-1942." Brookings, SD, South Dakota State University Foundation Press, 1986. No longer in print. Available at some libraries but may not be checked-out.

The U.S. Post Office had transferred a number of old wire-cage, Liberty motor driven trucks to the army at Fort Snelling, MN.

Wire Cage Liberty motor driven trucksFort Meade Conditioning Camp with "Bird Cages" in foreground (Courtesy of USFS).

These were assigned to CCC duty in the Black Hills and driven to Fort Meade where they were immediately dubbed "bird cages."

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List of first the CCC Camps. Some of them received "Bird Cages" from the US Post Office.