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Terrace Outlet - Alcester

The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota received a 3rd anniversary edition of the Terrace Outlet. This multi-page print describes the activities and accomplishments of the men of Company 2746.

Richard Galvin was in CCC Company 2746 at Alcester and his copy of the 1934-1937 history was donated by his daughter Ann Montano. It has been reproduced so that visitors to the CCC Museum can review the interesting contents. Also included were 2 newspaper clippings from the same years.

The Terrace Outlet - Alcester
Tree Planting Record

Alcester CCC Scores Tree Planting Record

Beresford, S. D., July 7. - When a local Beresford nursery offered to donate trees for planting in Union county park the job seemed too big for park workmen and an appeal was sent in to the CCC camp Alcester, No. 2746, for help. Some 56 boys volunteered their own time to do the work. Riding 15 miles to the job they won the tree planting championship in the camps in the United States by planting 7,050 trees in four hours and doing a good job of the work at the same time. When the job was begun the size of it began to dawn on all concerned and before the planting was completed, truckmen, surveyors, truck drivers and all, were enthusiastically planting trees. The championship had been held by Camp No. 3605 at Watersmeet, Mich.

Alcester camp is the only camp out of the 26 camps in South Dakota, which is purely a soil conservation project. Capt. W. C. Winston is the commanding officer.

Tree Planting Champs

"We're Tree Planting Champs", Say Dakotans

Planting 7050 trees in four hours and riding 15 miles to do it, led 56 men of Co. 2746, Alcester, S. D., to claim the CCC tree planting championship from Co. 3605, Watersmeet, Mich.

The planting was a gift to a county park, and was done on the workers' own time after they had worked overtime on the project to accumulate the necessary hours.

Analysis of figures show the Dakotans planted an average of 42 trees an hour. Everybody dug in including surveyors, truck drivers and tractor operators. On the other hand the Wolverine men, 13 of them, planted at the rate of 41.74 trees an hour.

That leaves the Alcester men hair line champs.

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