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Arnett Edwards Photos

On Thursday September 26, 2019 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota received 7 photos taken in the year 1935 or so. The photos had belonged to Arnett M. Edwards. One of the photos included men who had served in the CCC with company 1792 at Camp Mayo in the Black Hills.

The CCC Museum has an ongoing project involving gathering and recording the names of the men that served in South Dakota in the Civilian Conservation Corps. Of the approximately 31,000 that served, somewhat over 20,000 names have been recorded. Arnett M. Edwards was not included before his daughter Annette provided these photos. Arnett Edwards is identified, and daughter Annette Edwards-Barnes reported that her father is 100 years old and doing well in Idaho.

7 photos taken in the year 19357 photos taken in the year 1935
Arnett Edwards is identifiedArnett Edwards is identified
Photos from Arnett Edwards time in the CCC.
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