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Category: Event  Date: 2020-06-04

CCC Appreciation Day

The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South Dakota and the Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed visitors to this day of recognition.

Lots of photos of the men and the camps from the CCC days. Expanded displays include artifacts, district annuals, an original painting, AND a beautifully restored 1935 GMC truck that was built by GM for use in the Civilian Conservation Corps.

2020 CCC Appreciation Day

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was established in 1933, when the United States Congress passed the Emergency Conservation Work Act. Between 1933 and 1942, more than three million individuals, including veterans and young adults from all walks of life, worked on CCC projects in forest protection, conservation, natural resource development and defense work on military reservations. Many CCC Boys served in WWII.

The efforts of those who served on CCC projects in South Dakota left a legacy of accomplishments, including:
• Construction of enduring log and stone structures in the state's parks and national parks
• Revitalization of historic sites
• Established conservation programs to prevent erosion
• Construction of miles of new roads and miles of road maintenance
• Stringing miles of telephone lines
• Suppression and prevention and construction of fire towers
• Planting millions of trees
• Many days of labor for the United States Forest Service and Department of Conservation.

The CCC program offered enrollees hope in desperate times by providing meaningful work, education, and the chance to learn job skills and make lifelong contributions to their communities. It is important to recognize the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the outstanding contributions of the CCC enrollees in preserving South Dakota's natural resources and enriching the quality of life of all South Dakotans.


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On this day, and every day, we recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC.