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Category: donation

Black Hills Jackhammer

This jackhammer, donated by the City of Hill City, SD weighs nearly 100 pounds and is typical of the jackhammers use by the Civilian Conservation Corps on many Black Hills projects.

Enrollees became skilled in operating tractors, trucks, drills, jackhammers, portable compressors, scrapers, and other construction equipment. The men built dams and lakes, stone walls, cleared large areas in preparation for future recreational development, and assisted in forest fire suppression.

A pneumatic jackhammer uses compressed air as the power source. The air supply usually comes from a portable air compressor driven by a diesel engine. Two equipment manufacturing companies, Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand, became dominant in the provision of compressed air drilling apparatus in Europe and America respectively, each holding significant patents.

Vintage Jackhammer - Hill City
Jackhammer - part of the CCC tool displayTool Display - Civilian Conservation Corps Museum
Work at Roubaix
Work at Roubaix
Work at Roubaix
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