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Willis Lee Russell

Fairbury, NE

1936, 756, Oreville, F-16

Born: August 28,1916 - Fairbury, Nebraska
Died: February 15, 1999 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Married: April 22, 1939 – Nelson, Nebraska
Spouse: Opal F. Schaich

"I'm thinking my Father joined the CCC's sometime after company 756 returned to Nelson, NE in mid-October 1934. Company 756 then transferred to Oreville, SD some time in 1936. Per log book in Oreville camp F-16 he is registered as (Russell, W.L. from Fairbury, NE - 1936, 756, Oreville, F-16. At that time he would have been 19 and going on 20 year's old.

"I remember my father telling me that he drove a truck while in the CCC's. Each driver had to maintain their truck and included cleaning them. On a family vacation to the black hills in 1955 he drove our new 1955 Buick to a creek. After checking the creek bed (which had a nice rock bottom) he drove the car into the middle of the creek. We all got out and started throwing water on the vehicle. It was the most fun I ever had washing a car.". . . . John A. Russell (son)

Softball Team - Oreville CCC Camp

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