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Albert C. Smith

Irwin, SD

1939, 791, Lightning Creek, F-14 Canteen Steward

Over $1000 A Month Taken In
Happy Days Awards Steward Special Medal

Lightning Creek has always been justly proud of its members and of the admirable records that have been set. At this time, however, our camp gives respect to one of its members who has achieved and maintained a record which has never been claimed, or which was not even earned, by any other member during the entire existence of Company 791. This man, this member of our organization, is Albert Smith; and the record which he has made is in his operation of the Company Canteen, where he has sold over $1,000 worth of merchandise for every month that he has manned the exchange, for which he was awarded a special medal by Happy Days, the National CCC publication.

Cheery Manner Welcoming

However, the end which Al Smith has accomplished is not the reason that he is admired, but the means which he has employed toward that end. His cheery manner and his good taste, together with sound judgment has made his Canteen and Recreation Hall a place where the men of the company have felt welcome, where they have congregated to wear off the every-day monotony and where they were assured of a square deal regardless of what position they held.

It is easy to pass over this article. It is easy to suppose that the same thing would be said of anyone else. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that no other Canteen Steward has been awarded these comments. We feel that we are truly expressing the sentiment and the gratefulness of the entire company; not only of the members, but also those in authority.

Held Other Camp Positions

The work and the "good turns" that Al Smith has offered for the benefit of us all have not been confined to the Exchange. When holding the position of ambulance driver, he made it clear, without flourish or boast, that he was a man who was dependable, sincerely honest and willing to do more than his share. He has always been ready to do what he could for others, and his voice has added beauty and harmony to the camp's glee club.

Medal of Appreciation

We are inclined to not appreciate what Smith has done for us. In the long run, even the sales are of benefit to us. The greatest thing we overlook, though, is the fact that Smith goes out of his way many times in order to grant us accommodations. And who in the company has heard him complain?

It will be impossible to repay you, Al, as you have paid us. May we, however, express to you that we gratefully acknowledge your endeavors and confer upon you, not a medal of gold, but of sincere, wholehearted and mutual appreciation from each and every member of this company.

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