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Elmore Omdahl

Reliance, SD

1939, 2750, Fruitdale, DBR-2 Tool Man

Today, December 5, 2018, was the birthday of a CCC man. That in itself makes it a pretty special day. We still enjoy many benefits of the work that those young men did, and this young man has reached the age of 102 years.

The question was asked: "Is Elmore Omdahl the oldest living CCC Boy?" We would love to find out. Help us if you can.

Elmore Omdahl was in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939. Elmore was a tool man in company 2750 at Orman Dam DBR-2, (Fruitdale) NE of Belle Fourche, SD. He is from a family of nine brothers and sisters. The family moved from Reliance South Dakota to Ocoma where Elmore graduated from high school.

Harold Omdahl, Elmore's brother, was also a member in the CCC, Company 1791 at Camp Custer, F-12 in 1933.

Elmore Omdahl 102 years
Elmore Omdahl 102 years
Elmore Omdahl Receives Recognition - Age 100
Elmore Omdahl Receives Recognition

Elmore Omdahl received recognition on his 100 th birthday when he received a CCC Legacy pin. Today CCC Board member Kerry Conner gave Elmore a shirt with a CCC patch attached. Friends and family members gathered to celebrate the day and have some birthday cake with Mr. Omdahl.

For Elmore Omdahl's 100th birthday in 2016 volunteers Kerry Conner and Otto Bochman from the CCC Museum of South Dakota delivered a CCC Boy pin from CCC Legacy to Elmore Omdahl on November 7, 2016. Elmore's brother James and wife Mary were also present.

In 2007, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Legacy was established through a merger between the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation and the National Association of CCC Alumni (NACCCA). The purpose of CCC Legacy is to continue the promotion of the CCC in America and pass the legacy of the CCC to following generations.

Elmore Omdahl Receives Recognition

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